Monday, June 20, 2011

Who knows about OCD??

For those who haven't got the time to read The Star, 'The Doctor Says' (by Dr. Milton Lum) column, 19th June edition, let me share some information with you.
What is OCD?? Have any of you heard about it? Or are you one of it? Here are some value information that can give you a clear picture of it.
"It is known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a chronic condition associated with obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviour. People who can't stop thinking about or doing things for example washing hands.It is an obsession of an unwanted, unpleasant or frightening thought, image, or urge which occurs repeatedly and results in anxiety and distress. A compulsion is known as a repetitive, intentional behaviour or mental act that a person feels compelled to do to avoid or undo the effects of an obsession. It can occur at any age including childhood. Males usually develop symptom earlier than females. "
" Many cases of OCD are undiagnosed because the sufferers do not know that it is a treatable condition. Some of those who realise that OCD is an illness may be reluctant to seek help or can't accept that they have mental condition. Causes are unknown but some evidence suggesting that it may be due to genetic factors."
Some of the clinical features

  • Obsession, in which there are overwhelming, constant concern or fear
  • Anxiety that results from the obsession
  • Compulsion, in which there is compulsive behaviour to decrease the anxiety and distress
  • Compulsion brings relief, but this is temporary as the obsession recurs, causing the cycle to start all over again. 
Last but not least, everyone should know that OCD is treatable where majority of the patients will be completely cured with treatment. The severity of OCD would be reduced in others, with a positive impact on their quality of life.

But after I read this article,1 question pop into my mind. Is being a perfectionist is a part of OCD? This is a question that I need to figure out my own as being me, I can called myself as a perfectionist!


  1. thank you kak yang!will try to update more.:D

  2. In my opinion, for anyone to require treatment for any form of mental disorder,
    there should be a significant negative impact on the person's daily functioning capacity
    if the mental disorder causes distress either to the sufferers or to the people in their lives...

    To me, being a perfectionist is good as long as we don't breach a certain limit! ;p =)

    Healthy perfectionists "derive a very real sense of pleasure from the labours of a painstaking effort" while unhealthy perfectionists are "unable to feel satisfaction because in their own eyes they never seem to do things well enough to warrant that feeling of satisfaction"...

    Here are some links regarding OCD which you may be interested in reading... ^^

    hehe... have a nice day~ :)))

  3. tq sin siuew for sharing with us!